Happy New Year Everybody

Dog's Bar has a new menu & wine list
Lots of small plates & sharing plates
All dishes work well with our new wine list

Wine Event Program starts February

Live Music program reduced for summer to allow more meaningful conversations to occur.....
Thursday - Waz E James
Friday - Mike Olliphant
Sunday - Marty Rose


Live Music"Supper Sessions"

Mondays 9pm:
Sounds of St.Kilda
Every Monday we have 3 pre-booked
Singer / Songwriters
performing mainly original lyrics

Thursdays 9pm:
Blues & Roots
Waz E james

Fridays 9pm:
Every Friday
Mike Oliphant's 'Gentlemen's Hours'
with some of Melbourne's best musicians playing funk & soul

Sundays 9pm:
22/12 Shuffle Club
29/12 Suffle Club
5/1 Wilbur Wilde
12/1 Marty Rose
9/2 St Kilda Festival


Dog's Bar is a wine bar with a quirkly & interesting wine list, offering small / share plate menu of local, seasonal ingredients, runs an arts program to give up-and-coming filmmakers, writers, performers a leg up, puts on live music because we believe music makes the world go round and we get involved in our community because we believe in giving something back..


Dog's Bar is, at it's core, a wine bar. The wine list has a focus on bio-dynamic & organic wines, single vineyard wines and above all else the winemaker & viticulturalist and how they grow their grapes and make their wine. The list has undergone change recently to provide 100 wines, each one having a story to tell behind the wine in the glass. There will be wine events every Tuesday from February with Max Allen hosting and sometimes playing Devil's Advocat! Our craft beers and ciders also show off the talents of local brewers & cider makers who make small quantities with an extra dashing of love thrown in.


Dog's Bar offers small & share plate dishes that go well with wine. We use the best quality ingredients, more often than not, delivered by the farmer who grew them.

Whether you want to nibble on some Mt Zero olives, share a plate of free range chicken wrapped in proscuitto, a lobster tail, whitebait dusted with Paprika or a bowl of duck fat roasted potatoes, you will be able to snack for lunch or share a few dishes with friends for dinner, while tasting great wines & craft beers. There's a story behind every dish and we're happy to share the story with you.


For the best part of 12 years Dog's Bar has been developing an arts-centric event program. With regular visual arts shows, storytelling nights, short film screenings, cabaret shows, comedy nights, doco screenings & more. Dog's Bar has been became involved in Melbourne Fringe Festival in 2003, Melbourne Int'l Comedy Festival in 2004, started our own short film screenings, St Kilda SHORTS in 2004, started cabaret & comedy shows in 2008, was invited to bring Dog's Tales, our own author presented story-telling nights, to Melbourne Writers Festival in 2010. We've shown the work of over 225 visual artists since 2009 with our regular shows.


Dog's Bar has been running Sunday night bands for almost 12 years and in 2011 that program became nightly live music. With Mondays offering a creative night of local singer-songwriter talent, through to Thursday Blues, Friday soul & funk and Sunday jazz, swing & some good old rock'n roll.


Dog's Bar owner since 2001, David Carruthers believes in giving back something to his lcoal community and from the moment he took over Dog's Bar in 2001, he invested time and energy into helping local organisations achieve their goals, be it through fundraising or providing time and support. The following organisations have benefitted from time and fundraising acivity:-

Linden Gallery: sponsored PostCard Show 2nd prize 02-09
VegOut Community Gardens: Sponsored Open Day 02-10
St Kilda Film Festival: Best Director sponsor 02-12
Sacred Heart Mission: Multiple fundraising events 02-06
Vinnies CEO SleepOut for the homeless: first year 10-now
Challenge Kids with Cancer: various support 02-now
World Vision 2001-current.

David has also volunteered as president of St Kilda Village Traders Assoc 2002-06. During his term he attempted to gain the agreement of Council create a strategy to influence the business mix in Acland Street & to focus more on locals, but the Mayor at the time, Dick Gross wouldn't agree, even though the CEO thought it was a great concept. In 2006 David would be targeted by Council for starting a campaign to make locals aware that the St Kilda Triangle site was not going to be a low scale development but was in fact going to be a "Chadstone-by-the-Sea". The Ombudsman eventually investigated the Council and found a can of worms including corruption and lies from Councillors. Ever since, any projects David has tried to get up have been slowed down or halted. He believes there is no coincidence in this targeting.

When approaching Council in 2011 to obtain a planning permit to operate St Kilda MeMo (a 1924 former dance hall, former Hoyt's picture theatre, closed for the last 40 years) as an arts & events space and bring back 200+ arts & music events to St Kilda, the Council told David that peole had moved into new apartments in the middle of St Kilda and might not like that. It took almost 18 months to get a permit.

Council also closed his roof terrace after 2 events in 2011. Whilst the City of Melbourne was encouraging roof terraces, the City of Port Phillip certainly wasn't going to let David open his. Threats of $10,000 fines if he ran any more events on 'his' roof terrace stopped him in his tracks.

Between 2008-2011, David was asked by his peers to be president of St Kilda Tourism Association which was just being formed by a group of businesses wanting to to do teh right thing by St Kilda.

The Council also caused major disruption to David's and other traders at the top end of the street during 2010-2012 whilst the Face apartment development was being built. The Coucnil allowed the footpath to be closed off frequently for over 2 years. David's friend and business neighbour Tomek Lichstanki, who operated Renix Pizza for 18 years, 16 of them highly successful, died in October 2013 of stress related illness, much of it brought on by the impact to his business from these footpath closures.

Through David's involvement in St Kilda MeMo theatre he has set himself the goal of raising $100,000 per year for local causes. The last event was for St Kilda Youth Services at which Paul Kelly amongst others played. SKYS walked away with $21,000+ from that event. a number of events have already run. We're always looking for volunteers to help with these projects!

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Dogs Bar Rooftop

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St.Kilda MeMo
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