Ezra Lee Band, Delivering high energy piano based Rock’N’Roll, Blues, Honky Tonk Country, Rhythm & Blues and Boogie Woogie.

Ezra Lee on Lead Vocals & Piano.
Shaun Havoc on Drums & Lead Vocals/Backing Vocals
Kevin Spiers on Guitar & Vocals
Ray Westcott on Electric & Upright Bass.

Playing all over Australia and the world , available for all shows & events.
Special Guests by invite 🙂

Ezra Lee Band live @ The Dog’s Bar

“Imagine Jerry Lee Lewis on a honkytonk piano, a ‘Bonham like’ hitting drummer, a cool cat guitarist that looks like a muppet, playing songs best described as Americana.. Or Rockabilly.. Or Blues.. You know what, I don’t really have a pigeon hole that this band will fit into. …… Oh, there is also a second lead guitarist and a sax player that jumps off stage when not required and dances in the 50’s rocking style, captivating the crowd. Great to watch! The bass player, Pete Maverick, slaps the crap out of an upright bass, the sound of these things always excite me, especially when played as well as this dude plays it. Flying by the seat of his pants, Ezra Lee called song names out and the band followed. Ezra plays honky tonk style piano ….”Gary Bradshaw, http://amnplify.com.au