Pugsley Buzzard has performed his special brand of blazing boogie and stride piano far and wide from the jazz cellars of Berlin to downtown New Orleans. With a huge mesmerizing voice that can make ladies sigh and grown men cry, Pugsley never fails to deliver a dazzling show that will get you shaking that thang!!!

Band Members : Pugsley Buzzard, Tim Kingsley, Nathan Ford, Adam Duffy,Karl Dunnicliff, Phil Waldron, Adam Simmons, Kynan Robinson, John Stuart, Sam Golding, Neill Duncan, Phil Bywater, Tommy Lehnert, Rene Stock, Renaud Lesire, Maxim Bender, Charles Brewer, Hugh Veldon, Jeff Harrold, Damian Denyer, Declan Jones,Nathan Lambert,Anthony Howe, Alon Ilsar,Toby Anning, Damien Eldridge.

Pugsley Buzzard – Bad Attitude

More about Pugsley

  • Like a cantankerous mule towing a speakeasy full of drunken gorillas through a glass factory. Like a grizzly bear in a porkpie hat rummaging through a piano. Warm fuzzy and charming Dr Buzzard can cure all your ills with his genuine bonafide 100% pure elixar tonic and balm. His musical vibrations will warm your cold hearts and stir your dormant desires into a frenzy of excitement and good juju. The blind will see, the deaf will hear and the lame will dance. He brings the boogie and the woogie together to create a magical vibe that’ll get ya jumpin’ Guaranteed!!